Why Red Oak?

Our name is inspired by the Red Oak tree that is indigenous to Missouri. The founder, Derek Schulze, grew up on a bicentennial farm in rural Missouri and developed a very Wordworthian perspective on nature by being constantly immersed in it. The name “Red Oak” is a metaphor to celebrate what our state has to offer. Missouri is rich with native foods, fertile soil, and has provided the foundation for humanity to thrive since Native Americans lived within the Oak forests.

Given Missouri has so much to offer, at Red Oak we source ingredients locally wherever we can.  Because Derek grew up on a farm he is able to give back to the network of farmers he knows by procuring local ingredients. This allows niche businesses to form in the agricultural industry that are more sustainable than modern day big agriculture.

The Oak Tree stands strong, it spread its influence even outside of the state of Missouri. In the same way our first Red Oak is the acorn that starts small, but aims to spread its influence in the restaurant industry all over the country.